Car MP3-small number of S & P

Car MP3-small number of S & P


Product Overview:
1, can play MP3 / WMA audio format songs.
2, built-in wireless FM stereo audio launch, firing frequency range: 87.5MHZ ~ 108.0MHZ, a total of 206 frequency points;
3, OLED color screen display: the launch frequency / song number / name / lyrics / volume size / sound mode;
4, Auto Play function: Insert car cigarette lighter port can automatically play songs;
5,5 of audio EQ modes: natural, rock, jazz, soft, SRS surround sound;
6, with power and memory function: can remember the song played when power / frequency / volume size / sound mode;
7, audio input built-in interface: can connect MP3 / MP4 / CD and DVD players and other audio output hole, and through the local launch of music;
8, infra-red remote control operation of the whole: the number of selections / frequency selection / volume size adjustment / sound mode of adjustment;
9, the front-end be free to fold for different vehicle environment;
10,12 V ~ 24V wide-voltage power supply;
11, built capacity: 1GB.
Product specifications:
Size: 97 mm (length) x 45 mm (width) x 52 mm (H)
Weight: 50 ± 1g
OLED color: color figures
PC Connection: USB2.0
Support memory: 1GB
Power Supply: DC 12V ~ 24V
Audio format support: MP3 / WMA
EQ sound modes: (Eq.1) natural (Eq.2) pop (Eq.3) and soft (Eq.4) Jazz (SRS) surround sound
Operating current: <150mA
Bit rate: 8K bps - 320K bps
FM range: 87.5 ~ 108.0MHz, interval 0.1MHz
Channel setting switch: press CH key to select or use remote control
SNR: 85dB
Harmonic distortion: ≤ 0.05%
Temperature: - 5 degrees to 40 degrees
Sound Input: Connect MP3 / MP4 players, CD players and DVD players, audio output interface
Launch Distance: <5 m
Supported by the operating system: Windows98 / SE / ME / 2K / XP, MacOS10, Linux2.4.2
Appendix: Manual, USB data line, insurance management, warranty card

Product Origin: China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: OEM

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